Meet Chef David Choi Jr.

August 22, 2017

David Choi was raised in a family of successful Korean plant-based chefs. He earned his degree in Accounting at the University of Illinois and was the head restaurant chef at Amitabul, the family’s well-known establishment in Chicago. Chef David has over 10 years of experience serving delicious plant-based food to Chicagoans. He believes that plant-based eating does not have to be boring. He proved that by broadening the offerings of his family’s Korean diet by adding a variety of ethnic flavors such as Mexican, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Three years ago, Chef David and his partners started Healthful Habits, a company dedicated to educating people on a healthier way of life through plant-based foods and other healthy lifestyle choices. It is here that Chef David developed Phyter energy food. Phyter is the super-clean, super-delicious quick energy food that’s is infused with incredibly tasty phytonutrients from fresh plants like sweet potato and beets. Chef David developed four delicious flavors to satisfy the everyday needs of people choosing to live a healthier lifestyle. Phyter is in coming soon the refrigerated or frozen section of a grocer store near you.

Author: Phyter Staff

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