Foodie Fantasyland: Our Top 7 Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

May 7, 2018

As the saying (sort of) goes, one cannot live on Phyter alone. Well, even if you could, it’s nice to have variety. So when we aren’t snacking on a Phyter, we love to try one of the fabulous vegan restaurants that are scattered about Chicagoland. To celebrate National Foodies Day, we offer a few of our favorites, all with wonderful plant-based options.

Original Soul Vegetarian

Instagram credit: @soulveg


For the past 30 years, Original Soul Vegetarian has offered food that’s both healthy and delicious. It’s their stated mission to promote the regeneration of our environment, serving food that is 100% plant-based. We love that! Their food is also free of refined sugars, flours, or rice—allowing you to indulge in taste without the guilt. Fan favorites include the Chik’n salad and the BBQ Twist platter.

Location: 203 E 75th Street, Chicago, IL

Amitabul Vegan

Credit: Amitabul Vegan


After Bill Choi and his brother Dave came to America, they established Jim’s Grill on Chicago’s north side. When monks from the brothers’ Buddhist temple brought vegetables for them to make vegan Bi Bim Bop, the dish became an unexpected hit. Amitabul’s popular dishes include Dr. K’s Cure-all Noodle Soup and their fittingly named Heavenly Tofu Bi Bim Bop.

Location: 6207 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL

Urban Vegan

Instagram credit: @livelylibrarian


The philosophy behind Urban Vegan is maddeningly simple: create fresh, quality vegan dishes that taste great. Their unique approach to vegan Thai dishes has won countless fans. Be sure to try the Pad Thai with soy pepper steak and the PET (Pumpkin, Eggplant, Tofu) with soy shrimp. Yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

Location: 1601 W Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL

Alice and Friends

Instagram credit: @aliceandfriendsvegankitchen


This Michelin Guide recommended restaurant was founded by Alice Lee in 2001. As they say on their website: “Our goal is to create a wonderland for vegans and those who want to adopt a plant-based diet.” Nailed it! Regulars rave about the Mushrooms Wonderland, Mama’s Love (with cabbage, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, sweet potato noodles, red peppers, mushrooms, and ginger and garlic over brown rice).

Location: 5812 N Broadway, Chicago, IL


Heartland Cafe

Instagram credit: @theheartlandcafe


The Heartland Cafe has been serving up great vegetarian food since 1976. The restaurant also has a wonderful patio during warm weather, as well as a cozy restaurant bar. You’ll also want to visit the natural food market on the way in to the restaurant. You can place to go orders in the store, including a full line of custom juices and smoothies, made with all organic produce. They also double as a live music venue with open mic nights. You might want to start with their house-made creamy vegan artichoke dip with house made potato chips, and move on to the tasty scrambled tofu in the Plant-Eating Panhandler.

Location: 7000 N Glenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL


Blind Faith Cafe

Instagram credit: @blindfaithcafe


Since 1979, Blind Faith is a certified green restaurant that has been transforming the way people enjoy vegetarian cuisine. Their globally inspired menus rotate seasonally, reflecting a dedication to exceptional food and outstanding service. They even compost their kitchen waste and recycle their cooking oils. But the wonderful food is what really keeps folks coming back. Don’t miss the Thai peanut noodles or the amazing BBQ Seitan sandwich.

Location: 525 Dempster Street, Evanston, IL


Wellness Grub

Instagram credit: @wellnessgrub


This wonderful spot is not only close to our hearts because they sell Phyter bars, but every single ingredient they use is 100% organic. Forget about pesticide-latent and nutrient deficient options. Everything, from their delicious smoothies, fantastic entrees, and dessert options, is paleo-friendly from raw ingredients. Working with local and international small organic farmers, they source the most nutrient rich and rare superfoods available. You’ll thank us after you try the Mung Bean Pesto Pasta and the Orange Vanilla Chia Pudding.

Multiple locations: Downtown, Lincoln Park, Highland Park


So now that you have some terrific options, head over to a spot near you. Or be adventurous and explore a new part of town. After all, it’s National Foodies day, so treat yourself!