Company Secrets

Inspired by the simple indulgence of sweets, Phyter’s plant-loving chef founder David Choi
dreamed of a world where vegetables could live as beloved as desserts.

Et Voila! The Phyter bar was born!

The Phyter Story


So whether you’re enticed by beets or brownies, sweet potatoes or cake, squash or cookies…
our always fresh vegetable and fruit filled snacks reveal true flavor and great taste
that will change the face of snacking forever.

Meet Our Founders

Gloria Athanis


Owner and Partner

During the course of her 30+ year career as a media and marketing executive, Gloria was a member of Dr. Oz’s Chicago Health Expo Team. She also led a series of healthy lifestyle programs featuring Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, a New York Times Bestseller. She holds a certificate in Integrated Marketing and Communications Strategy from Kellogg School of Management as well as a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University.

Chef David Choi Jr


Owner and Partner

Chef David started his restaurant career as a busboy at his parents’ Korean Buddhist restaurant and worked his way up to head chef in a span of 10 years. During college, he began making vegetable-based bars to eat between classes because there simply weren’t other vegan options available. When classmates began asking where they could buy this bar, Chef David knew he needed to bring this product to everyone to enjoy.

Jeff Adeszko


Owner and Partner

For over 20 years, Jeff operated a business that primarily served “Big Pharma.” This path led Jeff to question traditional thinking about health and wellness. After he exited the industry, he found himself searching for ways to advance a vision of wellness that is holistic and preventive. This vision led him to co-found Phyter along with Gloria and Chef David.

Working to support a

vital community

Healthful Habits LLC, Phyter’s parent company, works with many non-profit organizations that are dedicated to supporting at risk youth. Our programs teach these individuals the basics for living a happy and healthy life, and offer them nutritional support and mentorship. We also conduct programs for administrative staff so they are empowered to then carry on healthy habits and positive lifestyle messages to their organizations.


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